Thursday, September 1, 2011

MoA - Day 1

So, day one was brief. I was at the public library downtown and so I thought I could leave a few random notes stashed away in a few books. 

So, I scribbled a few notes of encouragement into tiny blank cards and stuffed them into three books around the library, two of which were self-help books. I told the library strangers that a stranger loved them and wished good things for them. That they were wonderful and the only person that needed to give them validation was themselves.

I think that knowing that someone where in the world, a complete stranger wanted to reach out to you was a good start to my month of awesome, even if it is subtle and I won't get to see the people face to face. 

I hope they know I wasn't joking. 

And I love all you wacky folk out there too...and I mean it too. Life is fantastic and even the worst parts of it can be made bearable when you have love around you!!

Have an amazing month of awesome!!!

<3 - Me


  1. That's actually a pretty neat idea, yet it seems like something obvious, like we have all thought of it in the back of our minds sort of thing. Good for you, sis.

  2. Thanks!!! I haven't decided what I'm going to do today, but it should be fun!