Friday, August 28, 2009

My first professional Class

So, yesterday, I spent teaching classes on making basic canes out of polymer clay.

It was exciting, I have to say!! There were a few students that made me want to no longer teach adults, but in the end it was better. I learned some valuable lessons about teaching adults, which I will post tomorrow.

I also have some pictures to be posted tomorrow.

I was just excited that I actually survived two classes of about 8 women each!!!

More news tomorrow.

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Wow...I'm not worthy

I was reading today's e-mail from the polymer clay guild. I've seen this guy's videos back in the 80's and had no idea how they worked. His name is David Daniels and he's frankly amazing!

It seems his work is 4D polymer clay. Yes, 4D. He builds huge polyclay canes and slices away layers to reveal the animation. Unles you've made a clay cane, it's hard to really fathom how he does it. Having made several really tiny ones...I can not only appreciate his work, but have been sitting here with my mouth agape. Completely in awe.

Just....friggin speechless.....

Teaching a Polymer Clay class!!!

So it seems I will be teaching my first formal class on polymer clay. One certain Miss M at Nationwide has hired me to teach for the Art Club.

I'm totally stoked about this!!! I am going to head to the local craft store tonight to find teaching materials. And who knows, maybe this IS what I'm supposed to be doing!!!

I can't wait!!!