Thursday, September 8, 2016

Joe-face Day

Today has become my annual love on my husband day. It accidentally happened after posting something sweet about him six years ago. And I want to keep it up! 

I think in the last six years, I have become a completely different person. We have been married now for five years and it seems that an entire lifetime has transpired.
Not to mention adding two more little ones

I have been through some of my worst times in this short span. Beyond just the insecurity, brokenness and doubt some people face when being a person in their thirties. We're suffered loss together, and fear together, and faced things I would never have anticipated surviving. And it is in no small part due to the crazy man at my side. 

I don't believe that he is the missing part of me, or that he's the remainder to my only half complete self. What he is, in my eyes, is a shade when the sun burns too brightly, He is a gargoyle, when the world outside threatens to break in. He is the breeze that blows away smog that can accumulate just from living in this world. 

We fight loudly, love fiercely, and are growing to talk painfully and vulnerably. Our lives are not perfect and often not easy, but I believe they are made easier for having one another on which to lean. 

I love you, my hermit, and thank you for helping me find me.