Sunday, September 27, 2009


So I tried the tiny owlettes. While mine didn't turn up as well as the original patternmaker's, I love them just the same!!!

The yellow eyes went to Heather and I kept the brown eyes.

Also, the brown "brow" color was my very second attempt at wool spinning. I'm kinda proud of it!!!

If you haven't checked out roman sock's blog, (Nona, this means YOU!) DO IT!!!

Friday, September 25, 2009

Acorn purse....FINALLY

So it took me a bit longer than the 1-3 hours estimated on the pattern, but it's finally done.

I'll be putting a ribbon through the top of the acorn for ease of carrying, but I think it turned out alright. Not sure I will be making tons of these (at least not with a 3mm hook), but I really enjoyed the project.

I hope my swap partner does too!!

It feels good to make a cute, simple project. I recommend this pattern for folk who are crochet/amigurumi savvy.

~Mythical Magpie

Friday, September 11, 2009

Results of clay class

So M posted the results of the combined Polymer Clay and jewelry class work.

If you wanna see some of the finished products, visit her blog.

Glad to read they were all pleased with the class.

I love learning something new....

So I am in a halloween swap on Craftster and my partner wished for this adorable acorn "purse" thingy. I think it is adorable and am thinking of making one for me too!!!

Anyways, the first row instructions said "Magic Circle". Now I've never been what you call an expert crocheter, but I was totally lost. So, I googled it (with the word crochet of course, lest I stumble upon something less than work-friendly) and I found this handy tutorial!!

So, I've just learned somethingnew today that can really help my crocheting!!!!


Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Stumbleupon brings me something AWESOME!!

So, I've found another swap site.

It seems to specialize in smallish swaps, which is just FINE by me!!!

I just started making ATC's (Artist Trading Cards) for folks not yet in the know. So I joined a swap for ATC's. So that should be fun!!!

I am thinking of starting a swap here too!!!

Monday, September 7, 2009

Twilight New Moon Swap from Craftster

Stuff I made and sent to my swap partner:

Stuff she made and sent to me:

She sent WAY over the limit, and they were such nice items, that I felt guilty.

So....who wants to do a local craft swap?!?

Anyone in?

Friday, September 4, 2009

Okay, my Nationwide Polymer Clay Class - Finally

So, I promised I'd write about teaching my first Polymer Clay Class for Nationwide Insurance's Jewelry Class.

Firstly, I had made plans to teach a few techniques that kinda got changed VERY last second under the advisement of Miss M. On top of that, I had about 10 minutes to rush to the conference room and set up before the class got there for the lunchtime session. (note to self: lunch classes really aren't enough time)

So, I got there and was sweaty, exhausted and worried that the change in lesson might throw me off. I started pulling out all the clay. I barely got out all the supplies before ladies started coming in. The next 50 minutes was mostly a blur, even though I had spent the week before it carefully planning witty quips and helpful pointers.

I've determind that one hour is NOT enough for a polymer clay class. If I can avoid it in the future, I'm gonna try. It's just not long enough to teach at a pace where everyone has a change to get attention. So the whirlwind class ends and I bake their beads.

Several hours later, the second class started. I had one pretty experienced polymer clay student and mostly newbies. Now this is when I started learning some valuable teaching lessons.

  1. If you have time, prepare pieces in various stages. So you don't have to make the items along with the students.
  2. Do not encourage speeders, because if they are assuming what you want them to do, they aren't listening and will most likely mess something up.
  3. Keep calm when adults get upset that their project doesn't look like another's....because in the end, it's the finished product that is the important thing.
  4. Walk around and help people. Talking and demonstrating only work until the students start using their hands. Then their ears and eyes are focused on their work, not what you're saying/doing.
  5. Teaching is fun, especially when someone is certain they've "messed it up", because when you get to the end and you slice open your canes, the look on their faces when it turns out great is too fun to miss.

Class 1's beads! Not shabby!!