Wednesday, September 7, 2011

MoA - Day 7

Today's small dose of awesome comes in the form of showing support. I read on the internet about the Islamic Center of Murfreesboro and the death threats they received leading up to the 9/11 anniversary weekend.

It hurt to read that such a tragedy for America spurs more hate and fear. And I didn't want to let it go. So, I wrote a very short message on their website to try and explain that their community is respected and well...I'll just post what I sent.

"I just heard about the threat you received by telephone. And my heart wanted to reach out. I am a practicing Pagan, not a Muslim, but I wanted to let the members of your community know that there are people in the world who support your right to religious freedom and celebrate the diversity of the world.

I am writing to let you know that not all non-muslims share the same fear and intolerance. I joyfully share this world with so many people of varied faiths, cultures, races and beliefs. And I wanted to share some of that joy with you and your community, despite the threats of some people living in fear.

I hope that your weekend is blessed and peaceful."

And they responded at almost nine p.m.
Dear Traci,

We would like to express to you our sincere gratitude for your thoughtful and encouraging words. It is truly heartwarming to hear such words of encouragement from our neighbors and friends both near and far.
We are very thankful for everyone who has supported us along the way.

We look forward to the day we will open the doors of our new center for all of our friends and neighbors like yourself so that we may thank you in person for your kindness.

Please, Traci, if you are ever in our area feel free to come by our center so that we may express our gratitude to you in person.


The Islamic Center of Murfreesboro

Hearing back from them made me feel really good.I wanted them to know that not all non-Muslims share the same fear and violence. And if there is ANYTHING that the anniversary of this awful day should be about, it is peace and understanding, not hate and fear.

<3 you folks, and DFTBA!


  1. Traci, you are awesome and inspiring. I want very badly to take what you're doing this month and make it into a project for my students. Did you write up the premise of your Month of Awesome at some point and I missed it? If you haven't, would you? May I share your blog with my students?

    Getting all kinds of ideas...

  2. I would be wonderfully honored if you shared this with your students and am totally thrilled by the idea that your students might give it a shot!

    I had a VERY brief write up about the beginning of the month,

    If you would like a more formalized description, I can write one.

    I think the entry from today about how I felt I couldn't make a difference in the world would summarize more of the why.

  3. Thank you for sharing this. I want to write to them as well, and have my church lift them up in prayer.

    Loving your MoA!!

  4. Thanks! And I'm really happy to be doing this!!

  5. That is fantastic! Go you!

    My UU interim minister will be sharing the stage with an Islamic minister this Sunday and then there will be a forum afterward.