Saturday, September 24, 2011

MoA - Day 24

So unlike I had hoped, I didn't come up with a good "free" awesome. I'm still feeling mostly crummy and my creative brain seems to be sleeping until I get better.

So, today's lesson in awesome...overtipping.

We went to a very busy pizza joint, and since I'm not a sports fan, I had not anticipated it being a "game day". So the place was pretty packed. I often try to tip 20%, because I've waited tables...and it's especially icky when there are tons of beer-filled sports fans around.

So I threw in an extra bit and wrote her a note telling her I hope she had a great night.

Sometimes, I think it's just nice to know someone else seems to care that you're having a rough night.

So tip your waiters, they'll be here all week!

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