Sunday, September 4, 2011

MoA - Day 4

So we were at Half Priced Books on Lane Avenue. I decided when I checked out that i would buy a gift card for $5 and ask the cashier to just give it to the next person that checked out.I asked her not to tell them who bought it if I was still in the store when someone else came to check out.

She seemed nonplussed by the idea and slid the card back to her side of the counter.

The hubby hadn't finished yet, so I was anxiously awaiting someone to step up. I heard a small commotion and a couple were at her register and they were all smiles. It seems as Joe and I were leaving, they were going back to get one more book.

While I had often thought about staying and snooping on the strangers I left a tiny bit of awesomeness for, until today, I hadn't been in a position to. While it was mildly gratifying to see the fruits of random kindness...I think in the future, I will shuffle off. It seems sort of...selfish to stay and watch. But it did feel nice.

DFTBA folks!!

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  1. Good for you!! I made some similar, VERY difficult decisions this year. But it has been SO worth it.