Tuesday, September 13, 2011

MoA - Day 13

Today I am not feeling very well. So, my little bit of reaching out to a few friends I hadn't in a while over the internet will have to be awesome enough. 

It's funny, once I started this tradition how easily I felt the need to start topping the day before. My whole purpose for this was not to go broke buying stuff every day, but to show you everyone can do a small thing that is both awesome and easy. 

I guess I need to remind myself that it doesn't take much. 

You know what...? I'm going to leave a letter for my postal carrier thanking them for their hard work!

Just get out there and be awesome!!!



  1. I know something awesome you can do, pimp your blog and add and archive and/or a tag cloud (makes it a bit easier to follow your month of awesomeness) :D

  2. Great ideas both! And your wish is my command!