Saturday, September 10, 2011

MoA - Day 10

So today, I got up early and went with my hubby to his very first outdoor workout training class.

(Look at how chipper I am!)

I wasn't feeling well and was a bit crabby, but I wanted to support him and get back into working out. So, I decided to give it a shot and really try to get into it. Which, wasn't too hard because this type of workout, it a lot like playing!

(Newly certified personal trainer there doing weighted bear crawls)

(And me with my terrible form trying to do plank walks across the too close benches)

(Just going crazy crawling for speed!)

Not only did I enjoy myself, but it was crazy tough and harder on the body than it looks! We got to be outside together on a gorgeous day, playing around in nature and getting a kick-a workout while doing it. And I supported my hubby in the process.

It felt AWESOME!


  1. It WAS awesome. Thanks for being there. bonus points for being willing to let me throw a rock at you.

  2. The first time I had to do Mountain Climbers (Similar to bear crawl) for 2 minutes.... I thought I had died halfway through and Brendan would find my sweat coated corpse in the yard.

    And plank is my own personal hell. After about 3 years, I think I can hold it for like 15 seconds now. My body and I hate each other, obviously.