Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Crane Bag

So, I have been working on my future husband's groom's gift. Secreting away supplies, getting advice from our favorite MJD and stressing over leather working tools, hand stitching and other sundry concerns with the project.

And today I finally finished it and gave it to the man. So I can post pictures!

First of all, here are some links to a description of a Crane Bag.

Anyhoo, with the secret help of MJD, I acquired a side of leather, checked out his own bag for reference and then just set to cutting and punching holes and stitching leather.

(About 80% done here)

(The boy opening)

(Inspecting his new bag)

(Bag front with a raw edge and the back with belt loops)

(Side view with strap ring and interior)

I have to say, despite the fear of screwing up royally, and the cost of leather, I really really loved this project. The Love I tried to sew into each stitch and the great feeling of accomplishment when it was all said and done were so worth the anxiety. And his smile when he opened it was really the proverbial icing.



  1. well done! I do loving working with hides, it is a completely different feeling.

  2. Who is that sexy man sitting next to Joe? :P

    AWESOME JOB!!! The bag looks amazing. :)

  3. It is perfect. Way better than the present I got you. I adore it.

  4. Thanks! It really was fun working with leather and the results are kinda neat! I think I want one for me too!!!