Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Odin ATC

I was working on a replacement for an ATC I was making for the ADF Artisan's Guild ATC swaps.

My partner is a big fan of Odin, so I drew "Old One Eye" and added Geri and Freki on the right and his signature ravens on the left.

And on the outside is text from an old Norse book.

I hope he likes it!


  1. Sweet! How did you come by the text? Did you just print it from an online source? Any chance you could snap a shot of the ATC I sent you? I can do all the uploading to the LJ community and FB, I can also add this if you like as I'm sure others would love to see it. Hope the wedding preparations are going well.


  2. I typed "Norse Text" into Google Images and looked for something I liked until I found this: http://babelstone.co.uk/Blog/Images/AM674a_17r.jpg.

    It's called the Elucidarius.

    And I will try to remember to grab a snapshot when I get home to post!!!