Thursday, June 17, 2010

The Eva Shawl

So I have decided to make some stuff for me lately.

The first project I wanted to try for myself was the Eva Shawl on ravelry. I just loved it and so I wanted a light yarn. I went and splurged on 4 balls of Caron Spa yarn in Ocean Spray.

The pattern is extremely simple and works very fast. I initially went by the pattern, but decided to use an H hook(5.00 mm) instead so that the stitches would seem a little loose so the pattern and yarn can be shown off.

I started this last night and I've made quite the amount of progress on it! I highly recommend this to anyone wanting a lovely light shawl (or use thicker yarn and make a really super warm one)!

Sidenote: I really never thought I would ever get away from using Red Heart acrylic yarn. Then I never thought I'd ever want to use anything else other than cotton yarn...but now that I am really branching out and exploring all the weights and textures, I am really loving the variety out there. I highly recommend trying new things and ravelry if you are a lover of the fiber arts!

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