Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Filet crochet tutorial (part 2)

Okay, now that we have the barest basics from Lesson 1, we are going to move on to a slightly larger project.

(Yes, I just made that really quickly with MS Paint and "graph paper" And you can too with the graph paper image I posted below.)

Now, this is 9x10 square filet. Which, multiplied by 3 stitches means the chain row is 10x3 +5 = 35 chains to start.

By following the chart, you get something akin to this:

(Sorry for the fuzzy cell phone picture.)

More advanced charts can be found at a place like this, here or here. This is also a pretty good source for crochet alphabet charts.

Also, groups like Craftster and Ravelry are great resources for tutorials, patterns and support!



Other Charts:
(I got the graph paper from this website.)

I hope this helps get you started with filet crochet!!!

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