Thursday, June 3, 2010

Filet crochet tutorial (part 1)

Lesson 1
Filet Crochet Basics

Okay, since my first completed project 2 weeks ago, I have been promising a basic tutorial in filet crochet. This will most likely be a 3 part tutorial, as I have yet to upload all the pictures I took of the process.

But I will start with the basics. Filet crochet is an alternative term for lace or filet lace crochet. It generally uses tiny metal hooks, I currently use a 1.8mm (US 6, UK 3.5) and crochet thread, which is most readily available in sizes 10 and 20 in most craft/yarn stores.

To learn the basics, however, you can use any size thread and any size hook you feel comfortable with or have lying around.

The general gist is that in filet patterns, usually in the form of a graph create holes and filled boxes that create a pattern.

Each box represents 3 stitches. The empty spaces are 2chs, 1dc. While the filled-in spaces are 3dcs. So when you begin a filet pattern, you have to multiply each box x3 to get your initial chain count and then add five.

What you need:
  • Crochet Hook
  • Yarn(or crochet thread)
  • Filet Pattern
Knowledge of the following:
I suggest finding a simple project to start, a few letters, or a practice grid, something simple like the following.

Try these below as your homework for Lesson 1:

The pattern for this square goes like this:

Ch14, turn
Row 1: dc in 8th ch from hook, ch2, dc, ch2, d, turn
Row 2: ch5, dc in 3rd stitch from hook, ch2, dc, ch2, dc, turn
Row3: ch5, dc in 3rd stitch from hook, ch2, dc, ch2, dc, finish

The pattern for this square goes like this:

Ch14, turn
Row 1: DC in 8th ch from hook, dc3, ch2, dc1 turn
Row 2: Ch3, dc3, ch2, dc4, turn
Row3: Ch5, dc in 3rd dc from hook, dc3, ch2, dc, finish


  1. Side note: Filet is nearly impossible when drinking. ;)

  2. I am so excited I actually did both of these! I have a scarf to do for a friend 215 cast on stitches and I have never done filet crochet before. I have you tubed and read everything and your patterns were the first to be successful for me.
    Thank you, on to try your part 2


  3. I'm so glad you found it helpful! Feel free to post pictures or comments on more pages as you try the tutorials!