Friday, March 12, 2010

Working with Sculpey Ultra Light

So I had a friend recommend Sculpey Ultra Light polymer clay. She had a test piece and it was strong and lightweight, which is a HUGE plus in my book!

So I went to three stores to find it, finally finding some at Micheal's.

Several hours later, I had a piece for a prop the boy was going to wear to game this weekend. And here is my review:

  • Sculpey UL is a very dry type of clay. This lends to difficulty adhering to itself
  • It is like sculpting a marshmallow. It is low density, so it makes smoothing ans shaping difficult.
  • If you have warm hands, like I do, it will become very sticky like unproofed dough.
  • Smoothing and fixing fine details is rather difficult.
  • Once baked, it is very durable
  • Baked, it is lightweight
  • It takes paint very well once baked
Now, as to why I have no pictures of my awesome creation...and I wish I was making this up.

We left the room for like five minutes...and the dog literally ate it.

Argh. I'll have to try again tonight.


  1. "We left the room for like five minutes...and the dog literally ate it."
    BWAHAHAHAHAHAH!! Sorry. I laughed out loud and heartily at my desk right now.

    Like the time Yuna ate nearly and entire box of Kleenex when she was a kitten.

    Love it.

  2. Heh yeah. I have to say I was totally miffed, but it was so late by that point, that I was either gonna go to bed or cry.

    I chose bed and that has made all the difference.