Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Magpie Organizes

So, I have been in a state of disarray after having moved my craft studio to the basement. There is room for all of my crafts and I can work without dragging out tables, projects and supplies into the living room each day.

I must admit, I'm not called Magpie for my ability to organize. So this has been a challenge to pull all my shiny things out and put them in order.

But I am making headway, and after today this is the fruit of my labor. Shelves of fabric arranged by coalor, separated by fat quarters of corresponding colors.

Now, to find a quick quilt project to celebrate!

(Before: A mess of bins and junk)

(After: Stacks of fabric organized by color, separated by fat quarters)


  1. It looks great!!!

    And if you ever need help with the organizing stuff, Captain OCD here would be more than willing to help. Seriously, cleaning things makes me disgustingly happy.

  2. Really? Because that is only one shelf...and I need MUCH MORE HELP!