Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Another lovely crafternoon!

So in the holiday vacation, I was lazing around the house, when my mother called and asked me to go spend our well-earned JoAnn's gift certificates. I was, of course willing to oblige.

We had a lovely lunch and spent lots of time pouring over wonderful craft supplies. After using up the gift cards, I headed home. But not before calling Bohemiangrrl and inviting her over for hangouts, dinner, movies and crafting.

We crafted, devoured burritos and watched Thirst (totally gory/R-rated vampire movie, btw) and since it was so messed up, we watched The Neverending Story. I found out that the movie I loved when I was little is still pretty awesome!

In the middle we did some crafting, mostly me trying to pick a pattern for a new project while Bohemiangrrl did some actual crocheting and Joe was fashioning some awesome costume parts.

I have to say, it was pretty great!! Now I have to make tons of stuff tomorrow!

Happy crafting all!

<3 ~Magpie

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  1. I had fun!! Thanks for inviting me over. And I totally heart The Never ending Story. Right in the face.