Tuesday, October 26, 2010

When you ask....

...sometimes you get more than you hoped for. I'm not going to lie, I prayed for a guitar. As silly as that sounds. Last week I really wanted to get back into making music. I didn't know how I could afford one, with the wedding and new car shopping that will have to happen.

I wasn't holding my breath, but I really hoped I would get one.

Fast forward to today.

It was a pretty rough day. A lot of unpleasant memories and panic. Weddings, while beautiful expressions of love of a couple can also be a lot of stress and familial obligations and I really wanted to take to the road with a hobo bag on a stick and run away.

But as the boy got home, we headed out and saw, what I call, the sky blushing. It's amazing how quickly I can start to feel hopeful. With one simple glimpse at the pink sky, I felt better.

So we headed to an old NERO friend's place. Apparently he got an amazing job in the road with Monty Python's Spamalot and the touring show. As such, he had less than a week to offload his earthly possessions.

While I didn't get my guitar...we came home with this:

Who says prayers don't get answered? Not this girl.

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  1. I am jealous in ways I cannot express. I grew up with a piano and it filled my life. Not having that outlet now....is very empty. Some day when I'm all gorwn up and have a real place to live I will get one.

    Heh, funny you mention "be careful what you wish for, you might just get it." I went to my women's spirituality meeting last night and that was oue lesson. We discussed the story of Sarah, Abraham and Hagar. Prayers do ge answered, dear. Sometimes not in the way we expect.