Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Special night...

So we celebrated a special evening last night. It was the anniversary of a talk that cemented a friendship that turned into a partnership that turned into love.

So I thought I'd be clever and send the boy on a mad dash around town, following clues that would lead him to a spot that was significant in the beginning of our relationship. There he'd find another clue, that would lead him to another location and eventually, he'd get a few small gifts along the way and find me, waiting for him, with a nice dinner at the end.

In case there was any doubt to the location of the clues, I also left chalk hearts around town, leading the way.

I was apparently only a few minutes ahead of him, and he met with me shortly thereafter, all grins and with a present in return for me! I was pretty proud of my own cleverness and we ordered tea. He missed the present I had left at one of the locations, so he debated making me wait to open mine, but in the end, he couldn't wait and had me open mine.

A bit of background on the present. When I was a teenager, I really wanted an American Girl doll. They were pretty new and fantastically expensive. So I mentioned to Joe that I always wanted one. So when I unwrapped my present, it was really sweet that he found a miniature version of the doll I wanted. I was really pleased and took his hand and smiled.

But he just kept looking at me, expectantly. So I thought maybe he wanted a bigger response from me, so I opened the box and this is what I saw.

If I'm not mistaken, I was speechless for a long moment, followed by a "Are you for real?"

He said, "For real, for real. I'd have done it three years ago. But if you're willing to have me I'd like to be your husband. With the one concession that I get the permission from your dad since he's the only one I haven't talked to first." (My dad works night shift and sleeps during the day).

In the end, I said yes. And proceeded to feel humbled and speechless by his superior cleverness.

You out-did me this time, sir.

Now we wait for dad's approval and then begins the terror of planning a wedding.


  1. All I gotta say is "YAAAAY!". :)

  2. You don't need approval from your Dad, just from your heart!

    Congratulations - and you two are just far too creative!

  3. That is just about the sweetest thing ever. I am so happy for you both!

  4. Oh...the story is SOOOO sweet!!! Well done, Joe!!! Congrats, Traci, on finding someone who gets you and truly wants to make you happy!!!

  5. Congrats again. And if you need ANY help wedding planning, I'm all over it. :)

  6. Congratulations! That is so awesome!

  7. Congratulations! What a special, special day!

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  9. I'm so happy for you!! If you need help with the planning just let me know!!