Thursday, October 28, 2010

How I became a fairy... (pic heavy)

It started so simply. See, I had to pass out candy to the children in the neighborhood, but I had no costume!

And I really heart Twig the Fairy and wanted to try and see what an evening in her wings might be like!

So I found a few things lying around the craft room.

And I tied the dried eucalyptus into a circlet.

Then took off leaves from a glittery fall garland and started sewing them to the eucalyptus.

And tied gold, red and brown ribbons to them.


Then I grabbed a pretty autumn ribbon for a belt, butterfly wings and a cornucopia...and "Belindalyn" was born!

Apparently, not all fairies are smiley and fluttery. Some are a little scary. But he was nice enough and I asked him to help me with the "tricks" portion of the evening.

What a silly couple we make!!

My favorite quotes from the night:

After scary fairy jumped out at them...

"Lady, you could have told me he was real."

"I'm a big kid...but that was pretty scary."

One brave boy was debating going back past him or not to get back to the sidewalk. I was worried he was scared, so I said to him, "It's okay, you can cut through the yard..." But he took a deep breath, faced scary fairy, clutched his candy bag to his chest and bolted past him. So brave!

One tiny witch was leery of getting too close to the scary one, but I gave her candy anyways. Her eyes didn't leave him until her mom said "Look honey, a fairy!" Her face lit up and she rushed to me, shouting proudly "I'm a witch!" When I told her it looked like she had lots of candy, she held up her plastic pumpkin and said "Yeah, want some?" How sweet!!

It was a lovely night and I'm glad we're still happy to celebrate and share this great holiday with happy kids!


  1. First; you guys are so adorable it makes my teeth ache. LOVE IT!
    Second; you're a damn sexy fairy
    Third; I f-ing LOVE handing out candy to the kiddies. I had a 2 year old dressed as Belle that broke my heart with cuteness.

  2. Heh yeah, there were some adorable kids! The parents seemed to like it too!

    I used to have a tradition of passing out candy on Jenkins Ave. with my grandparents every year. No matter where I was, I would scurry with some last minute thrown together costume and pass out candy at their house.

    I miss it, but I'm so happy Joe has decided to get into the tradition with me! WE have more fun than the kids I think!