Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Life, fun and nights off.

I've been busy the last two weeks. I started going back to the gym after we had our engagement pictures taken. I have been slowly feeding my depression and it certainly showed in the pictures.

While they are sweet and a good marker of where J and I are at this point in our lives, they are not where I want to be. So I have made the choice to get our gym memberships back. I feel really good about that decision.

I went to my youngest sister's voice recital. I was super proud. She's completely her own woman. Funny side note, she sang one of the songs I sang MANY years ago in my senior recital for High School. It was a treat to be there for this moment in her life. She has so much potential and unlike her big sis, isn't to scared to give her dreams a shot!

Also, the boy got me a purple violin for Yule and 4 free lessons!! I had my first this past Sunday...I LOVE it so much!!!

Also, I had an evening to myself while J hung out with his buddy. It's funny, I can remember a time not too long ago, when the thought of a night to myself would have sent me to panic.

I went to the gym, practiced my violin (who I have named Roxanne), did dishes and worked on some new ATC art. I feel really good about the whole thing. As well as how far I've come personally.

It's funny what someone loving you and giving you a safe environment to learn to love yourself can do for the spirit. I highly recommend it to everyone!

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