Wednesday, September 8, 2010

My Joe

This is my Joe.

(Pretty handsome, huh?)

Most people may not know, but he's a pretty amazing guy.

He's clever and witty and isn't afraid of being downright silly.

(Dressed as a ballerina for Halloween)

He is the slayer of insects and the defender of our home from drunk guys trying to do yardwork against our will.

He cooks way better than anyone I know and has a close, personal relationship with Alton Brown.


He is the man who teaches me, questions me and is the one who knows how to put my pieces back together when I fall apart.

If I ask him a question he doesn't know, he goes to find out the answer because he likes learning as much as I do.

He is an amazing (if not occasionally frustrating) master of debate.

He doesn't mind my insatiable thirst to be something greater, to learn something better and to go experience more things in life with the stupid awe of a kid.

He doesn't mind me taking pictures of him cooking, spelunking, opening presents, making books, hundreds and hundreds of pictures.

When I wake up from the middle of a nightmare, he tells me I need to go back to sleep because he was just about to come save me. He makes me feel safe.

No matter what happens, I know he is my partner, in every sense of the word.

(I love you)


  1. Well since you made a vomit on my post to Bren on his birthday....

    :P I so love you two.

  2. That may be the best thing anyone has ever said about me. I especially appreciate you calling me a good cook after I totally screwed up our dinner last night (though only small fault of my own). I love you back. Even covered in Nikki's vomit.

  3. To be covered in my vomit is a blessing.

  4. Seeing the two of you together and continuously happy makes my day. Should have hooked up years ago.