Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Thirst for learning.

I'm not sure if I've brought this up here before, but I guess since it is relevant, I'll repost.

I have never been able to decide on anything. My future career plans, creative endeavors, hell, lunch. To me, I want to do and see it all. My ex and I used to call them "moon phases", as it seemed that my creative bents seemed to change with the moons. They get worse in winter and spring, but it can be really frustrating.

Listed below are the crafts I have tried.

* Knitting
* Cross Stitch (had to give up when I started losing my eyesight)
* Crocheting
* Quilting
* Embellished clothing
* Costuming
* Jewelry making
* Beading
* Clothing Construction
* Soapmaking - M&P as well as Cold Process
* Polymer Clay Sculpting
* Aromatherapy oils
* Drawing
* Painting
* Scrapbooking
* Embroidery
* Doll making
* leatherwork
* Leather armor-crafting (SCA variety)

I actually could keep going, but got bored. Sadly, I have maybe a basic understanding of all of these things, but not more than basic skill level in any of them.

No sooner than I make a few things that please me, I give them away and start on something new. Obviously, that means it's pretty expensive, as I have basic supplies for all of the above floating around the house. But not only that, it's frustrating.

There are some artists that have known since childhood they wanted to draw. Or that they were good at creating one of a kind pieces of fashion. But I can't say that I ever "knew".

I know I love making things. I love learning and trying new techniques and doing things I haven't done before. But I've never been terribly good at any of those things. I wish I was just amazing at painting....or sewing....or something that would give me absolute direction.

But I can't help it, eventually, I'll move on to something new. Occasionally I'll come back, like with crocheting and learn new projects and enjoy that for a while. But now I want to learn about watercolors. (Don't get me started on fused glass or ceramics or anything requiring a kiln!!!)

So is anyone else out there like me? Do you go through hobbies/crafts/art forms like crazy?

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  1. I feel the same way. I have a huge list of things I make and am interested in. I've made candles, bread, knitted, crocheted, painted, done assemblage, block printed, sewed, drawn, and other things I don't even remember. I still do about half of that and I want to add in simple metalwork. I'm just trying to focus on the sewing and the blockprinting right now, and sneaking in the rest of it around the edges. There's just so many fun options!