Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Idea stolen from my new swap partner.

So my newest swap (Eostara WWP Swap), has a blog where she tries to post either inspiration, projects or just discussion about life what seems like nearly every day.

I can't guarantee I'll post something every day, but I can certainly try to have actual helpful content. I am learning a LOT about watercolors right now. So hopefully, I can post some tips in the next few days about using watercolors.

But almost a continuation of the last post about wandering passions, I have another question.

When you have several hours of time and don't really do anything but veg out, do you feel bad for not having created anything?

I know I certainly do. After sitting on the couch having spent several hours net surfing, I feel guilty that I didn't use that time to create something. I call it "craft guilt". Right before bed, I feel like I've wasted my time doing frivolous things when I could have been learning to paint a masterpiece or sewing an awesome garment.

Anyone else get that?


  1. What do you do on those nights? Do you try and cram something in before bed or do you just lament the fact and try better the next day?

  2. I totally feel horrible if I sit and watch TV and get nothing accomplished. That's part of the reason I blog, so I keep on a schedule and stop going crazy from too many ideas and too little time. I tend to just write down what needs to be accomplished the next day and make it a priority.

    By the way, your water colors look amazing.

  3. Crys,

    I am going to take a cue from your blog, which I love, obviously and start talking about future projects as well as a few tutorials.