Monday, December 14, 2009

Kermit Costume

So my sister called asking if I could make her a costume for her college Theatre Fraternity's Masque. The theme was someone who inspires you. And my family is a little obsessed with Jim Henson.

My sister, creative as she is wanted to be Kermit in tribute to Jim. So I ran to the store and whipped this together in a few hours. I'm sure with more time, It might have been a lot better, but I'm still pretty pleased with how it turned out.

I made the spats, collar and head out of felt and made the black part of the mouth out of black nylons, so she could see and breathe but it would still look like a mouth.

I have to say I'm pretty pleased.



Here is a shot of the T-shirt, with my favorite Jim Henson picture on it.

Hope you all like it!!!


  1. Wow! That's amazing! Did you have a pattern, or did you freehand that? She totally looks like Kermit.

  2. Thanks! I did not have a pattern.

    I had a picture of a kermit puppet that someone had disassembled, but it was at least good enough to use as a loose guide.

    I winged the proportions and sizes.

  3. that is fantastic! I love Henson too!

  4. Thanks Irisa.

    We're kinda nutso for him. He was a HUGE influence on me in my younger years and has only fueled my desire to think out of the box as an adult.