Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Fairy(?) Grandmother mostly done!!!

So as I posted on craftster, here is the story.

Okay, so over a year ago, I had decided to try and make a fairy doll.

But, I had never sculpted anything with that kind of detail. So I made a silly face. Then I set it down for a week. then I made an old, saggy torso. I added it to the head and left it for a few more weeks. Then I made hands. But didn't know how to attach them. So the head/ torso and the hands lay on my craft desk for a few months. And the story goes until she was slowly pieced together.

My next anguish was making clothes for her. Everything I have on her is made by me, down to the knit shawl.

Tonight, I decided to finish by adding a wig of alpaca hair.

Here she is almost 100% finished. Now to decide if I add fairy wings or leave her be! Help!!!

This is not the best set of pictures, but I'm sleepy and pleased at the same time!!!


I will be adding a wigging tutorial soon.


  1. Ohhh, dear, she's adorable!! I love how it took time and patience to put her together and you didn't rush through it. She looks perfect! As for the fairy wings ... hmmm ... I say create a set and just attach them with a pin and see how you like them and if they fit the doll. If they don't, then you have a set of fairy wings for when you decide that you need them!

    Again, LOVE the doll!!!!

  2. She's lovely! I adore the patchwork dress. She seems more gnome or brownie like to me, I personally would love to see what a little gnome hat would look like on her, though I'm sure she's be wonderful with wings too, all fairy godmother like.

  3. Thanks everyone for the nice words. She really was a labor of love!

    @Dandelionlady - I hadn't thought of a gnome or brownie!!! Now I'll have to do some research in my old Faerie book!!!

  4. I love her! I agree with the gnomishness.