Thursday, March 3, 2016

Magpie tells her tale!

I have spent the last two years just being a mom. 

In August, I had my second via emergency c-section. For those following at home, that is two preemies in two years. Like a RECORD!  

I have been very busy not creating much aside from a few blankets for the babies and gifts. But, we have busied ourselves with the awesome work of being parents.

Having had two preemies, we have made amazing friends at the local NICU that took such great care of our babies. And Miss Bean has made herself a mini-celeb with the staff. My grove and friends have been working on seasonal preemie hats for the little ones as I know how much they meant to me when we found them on our babies. 

The preemie hat project is fun for me to do a little something to help show love and support, but it didn't seem like enough. 

So after a great deal of thinking and brainstorming, I have decided to write a book. As of yet it doesn't have a title, but I am going to be creating something that not only talks about what happened to me, which might be of a little interest, but I want to post everything I learned about my experience in the NICU, 

It is my sincere hope that when I am done, I will have something that has helpful information about what NICU terms mean, what to expect in a pre-term delivery, and what types of challenges can preterm babies face. 

I have a dream that this might be able to be used as a resource to give comfort and information to families who have a preemie and to show the scary and joyous moments that can happen when you have a NICU baby. 

Please check back here for updates as the book starts to come together!

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