Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Back in the Stitching Post!

So it's admittedly been a few rough months at the Magpie Nest. But, just as winter needs to be knocked off your boots, sometimes, sadness does as well. 

So I logged back into www.craftster.org and decided to sign up in a fairly low commitment swap. There's a fabulous artist called Junker Jane who makes these amazing at dolls. I was really interested in giving it a try, so I joined the swap for Junker Jane inspired dolls. 

It was certainly a challenge, because folk spend a lot of time working towards"perfection" in their art and this was definitely thinking outside the box! But without much more ado, I give you my Junker Jane inspired dolls!

 My swap partner loved birds, so I made her a primitive goose as an extra!

My first attempt at a JJ doll. 

Doll #2 - From a loose sketch I did 

And the whole gang!

I actually had a really great time just letting loose and being creative!!

I encourage everyone to try something new and shake off the winter dust!

Much love!


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