Tuesday, October 2, 2012

MoA - Day 2

Today was revisiting old awesome. 

If you haven't heard of Kiva.org, it is an amazing website that allows you to invest in micro-finance loans to help people around the world. 

So what does that mean to you? 

Well, you, being a micro-finance investor picks one of hundreds of borrowers around the world. Then makes small loans, to the tune of twenty-five dollars. And then you get paid back over the course of the loan. Also, after the loan is repaid, you can re-lend it. Again and gain you can re-lend the same twenty-five dollars to people around the world in need.

Why is this awesome?

Well, you can have a hand no only in helping out someone in need, but also this is not a hand out. These are hard working people, who want to make a life for themselves and are paying back what you lend to them.

It is amazing and I have never once regretted any of the donations I've made to this organization.

Also, for now, for yur first Kiva loan, you get $25 for free for your very first loan!

So fro the generosity of other lenders, you can lend for free!!!!

That is simply put AWESOME!

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