Monday, June 13, 2011

The Little Things

So, I am a huge fan of finding joy in the little things.

And here is the newest little thing that brings me joy. My tiny desk orchids are budding! I keep looking at them every day, anxiously awaiting their bloom and I am so thankful that I still am able to find awe in such simple things!!

What is your simple joy today?


  1. beautiful!!

    My simple joy today; riding my bike in to work. It ALWAYS makes my morning SO much better. My blood is flowing, I'm in a great mood, I have extra energy.

  2. My simple joy today is being able to open up the windows overnight and through part of the morning. It's been getting up around 100 every day, but at least it cools to the upper 60s overnight. And the wildfire smoke is blowing eastward, not toward Tucson, so the air is relatively clear here. For now.

  3. I would have to say that the honeysuckle and old-fashioned roses are the best part of my day so far. The fragrance of the flowers is so fantastic! I'm glad to have a bed to sleep in tonight, and a place to cook some lunch.

  4. @Nikki, wow, you're a better woman than I. While I <3 riding a bike, I hate heat!! Maybe I should move to a more regularly temperate state!

    @Romandruid - I just LOVE that feeling!!! How far away is the wildfire from you? It's so odd to imagine "something happening on tv" and relate it to people you know...