Friday, May 21, 2010

Too much...

going on right now!!

I am almost finished with the lettering for the filet crochet. To be completely honest it SHOULD be done by now. It is way easier than I thought, I've just been so busy with this wedding stuff that I can hardly sit still long enough to get much done.

Tabicat, theonlynikki and I had a "craft" night at Panera this week. It was nice to just sit with other glas and talk about anything and everything and get work done on my crochet with no interruptions.

Hopefully I will find a border soon for this project and can finish it up before the wedding!!

What is everyone planning for the weekend or their next project?!


  1. My party is ruling my life right now. Geh.

    As for crafting I'm working on a hat someone wants and then....the skirt! SQUEE!!

    I had a blast, we need to do that mroe often!!

  2. I am hoping to tat several simple bookmarks for an exchange I am in. Have a wonderful weekend!

  3. ooh Paula that sounds neat!!!

    Tatting looks really interesting but really hard!! Are there any sites you'd recommend for first timers?