Thursday, April 29, 2010

More filet crochet I'm now on my second row of actual filet using the pattern.

Let me tell you, going from staring at these little stitches to words on a computer is really giving me a bit of an headache!! I'm surprised how easily this is going!! Really, it takes a LOT of counting.

If I had any advice before starting a project like this, I'd advice counting, double counting and triple counting of your chains before starting!! Thankfully, I counted enough times to get it right so all the letters and spaces are in the right places!

It's starting to look like something!!! WOOT!

(Here is a shot of the filet rows starting to form letters!!)


  1. Hey there Lady! Just checking in and see your filet is going well! Those are some long rows! You know, when I do mine, I do them what I guess you would call sideways...then the rows are shorter and less to tear out if you make a mistake. Does that make sense? It's looking beautiful!

  2. Oh my gosh, I wish I had thought of that!!!!

    It totally makes sense, and I feel silly for not having thought of that myself!

    Heh. Oh well, chalk that up to experience!