Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Quick mock up of shots

So, I've decided I can't just get away with three photos from the shoot. There are too many fantastic shots. So, I am breaking them down into different themes.

This is the triad of faces. One with no styling, no makeup, no accessories, one in day-to-day wear and one in dramatic costume & makeup. The full body shots also show the variety, but the differences in the face is awesome here.

Thanks to my gorgeous model, Jen, I have started a new way to express myself through the camera! Thank you so much!!!


  1. Jen is HOT. And SOOO beautiful!

    You do great work. When is your next shoot? I would love for you to take my picture!


  2. Anytime except this Sunday. (And I have even better pictures of Jen, I just chose those three for similar facial expressions. I wanted to show the difference between her three looks.

    I'm going to be doing another of full body shots.